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🔰 | Guild Migration


Dear ErebosMU players,

We welcome all players on ErebosMU. We have for you great package, which you can see below.

Requirements 📜

- Screenshot of all guild members availing the package from your previous server. (Optional)

- Minimum of 10 guild members. (GM, AGM & BM included)


- This package is only available for migrating guilds from other servers.

- Recruiting members in-game is not allowed.

How to avail?

- Guild Master must send a private message to our Admin or Moderator via Discord or send private message here on facebook page.

Format 📝

[Basic info]

ErebosMU guild name:

Previous server guild name:

Screenshot image/link: (Optional)

[All members information]

Nick name on ErebosMU:

After sending this we will review it for verification, the process may take more than 24hrs.

Welcome Guild Package 🎁

Guild Master:

- VIP for 7days

- 2000 Wcoins

- 2000 Goblin points

- 30x bless and soul

As. Guild Master:

- VIP for 7days

- 1500 Wcoins

- 1500 Goblin points

- 30x bless and soul

Other members:

- VIP for 7days

- 1000 Goblin Points

- 20x bless and soul

Don't forget.....Grand Opening on Friday 18:30 (UTC+1) ‼️

ErebosMU team 💙 🖤​​​​​​​

Posted 10/10/2022