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Grand Opening Season19 (Non-Res Fun)


🚀|New Starter Pack and Speed Server Event

🚀  |  New Starter Pack and Speed Server Event


Dear players,

The server has been running for two weeks and we wanted to come up with something that would attract new players and help the free players. The new starterpack will certainly help everyone and will be appreciated by everyone who creates a new character, just type /starterpack in the game as soon as the event is active. So that new players can catch the rest of the server faster, we have also prepared boost exp x3 up to level 750.

We will also adjust the drop from some invasions/events so that new players have a better chance to get items. You will see the changes later in the changlog.

🔥  New Starter Pack:
- Seals and Buffs for 7 Days
- Panda Pet + Ring for 7 Days
- 1st Lucky set for 7 Days
- 100 000 000 Zen for start
- 2 000 Ruuds for start

Players who have already used the StarterPack in the past cannot use it again.

📅  Event Start:
09/11/2023 - 8:00 Server Time

💯  Exp Boost:
Exp will be boosted for players 0 - 750 Levels x3

We hope this post pleases all new players. If you are going to come to our server with the whole guild or several players at once, contact us via personal message and I believe that together we will come up with something interesting for you  🤩 


ErebosMU Team 🖤

Posted 08-11-2023