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🛸 | Journey Reward Event

🛸  |  Journey Reward System


Dear players,

As on previous server we will have Journey system rewards which will help you with your journey on our server. We had to reduce the rewards compared to the last server so that it would not affect the progress of the server. But we still think that for most players the rewards will be more than acceptable and will help them grow. 

To collect the reward, you only need to reach the required level and write the command /journey with your level directly in the game (for example /journey200). You will then receive the reward directly in your inventory.

🎁  | The list of rewards:
Level - Rewards - Commands
200 - 1st Wings + Luck (Box of Heaven)    /journey200
400 - 5x Low Grade Bless of Light (Bound)    /journey400
600 - Talisman of Ascension I. (1Day)       /journey600
800 - 25K Ruud + 50x Jewel of Soul + 50x Jewel of Bless    /journey800
1000 - Garuda Feather + 5 x Higher Grade Bless of Light (Bound)    /journey1000
1200 - 5x Artifact Fragments + 250 Jewel of Creation    /journey1200
1400 - Talisman of Ascension II. (5Day)     /journey1400

Enjoy your journey on our server! 💥 

ErebosMU Team 💙 

Posted 26-10-2023